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DXScore® is a credit rating system for commercial real estate loans that measures risk independent of contractual interest rate and market required yield. The calibration of DXScore is market driven through 15 years of observing characteristics from newly originated loans and secondary market loan sales, making DXScore the first and only credit rating system of its kind.

DXScore enables commercial real estate lenders, warehouse lenders, and regulators to uncover credit strengths and weaknesses that otherwise may go unnoticed when originating new loans or monitoring existing loan portfolios. DXScore is calibrated to calculate a loan’s total credit risk based on the relationships among multiple risk variables observed over the long-term. DXScore distills these risks into a single numeric credit score that enables lenders and regulators to evaluate relative risk on otherwise heterogeneous assets.

DXScore at a Glance

  • Dynamic credit score for loans that allows for the risk-adjusted comparison of heterogeneous loans and portfolios.
  • Objective & independent metric to supplement internal risk rating systems.
  • Provides efficient monitoring of your loan portfolios over time.
  • Uncovers strengths & weaknesses in new originations and loan portfolios.
  • Calibration customizable to mirror internal rating scales.
  • Comparable with other measurements of risk (e.g., the combination of Loss Given Default & Probability of Default) but with single-number simplicity.
  • Transparent, auditable and repeatable methodology.
  • Enables simultaneous loan pricing (DXMark) and risk ratings (DXScore) for portfolios of any size.


Watch a highlight video of CEO Kingsley Greenland, Will Mercer and Chris Tomecek from DebtX present a discussion on the topic of “Price vs Risk: What Does Par Mean for Risk Managers?”.  The presentation was recorded at the Boston Premiere Event introducing DXScore from DebtX.



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