Focus – Active Portfolio Management

DebtX’s core mission is to empower financial institutions with an ability to actively manage their portfolios by rating, valuing, buying and selling loans.  DebtX is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices located throughout the United States, Europe, and South America.

DebtX is a pioneer and innovator in the commercial and residential loan industries.  Upon inception in 2000, DebtX developed and deployed the first online loan sale platform.  This groundbreaking platform enabled millions of imaged documents to be accessed virtually through a secure document sharing application.  Subsequently, we enhanced our platform to include multiple online auction capabilities, automated bid optimization, syndicated loan and participated loan tracking, joint book running, covenant compliance, and numerous other innovations.  In 2005 we opened the marketplace to direct loan sellers and loan syndicators, and have since grown the marketplace to include more than 600 sellers/syndicators and 100,000 primary and secondary market participants.

In 2005, DebtX began offering analytics services based on actual transaction data.  In addition to spread matrices and credit risk scores, DebtX has provided loan level valuations on more than ten trillion dollars in aggregate principal balance per year since 2010.

DebtX’s proprietary loan sale and compliance platform as well as it loan valuation and credit scoring processes have been audited for security and are used by many of the world’s most sophisticated private and government financial institutions.

DebtX. Meeting institutions’ portfolio management and liquidity needs since 2000.