Technology Solutions

DebtX offers a suite of products designed to address specific client needs in various market segments; more than 600 sellers/syndicators and 100,000 primary and secondary market participants utilize our technology solutions.

We offer 100% web-based platforms that integrate secure document distribution with customer relationship management and customizable workflow tools to record and leverage institutional knowledge, enhance collaboration, and improve our clients’ ability to execute their business plans. Our products have been audited and approved by the IT security groups of many of the world’s largest banks, government agencies, and other financial institutions.


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DXSyndicate® is a secure cloud-based, integrated deal management platform that provides a better way to manage the loan distribution and agency functions.  The platform enables institutions to streamline and automate their syndications process, increasing operational efficiency while reducing risk.

Functionality specifically tailored to the syndicated loan market includes:

  • Enhanced covenant and compliance tracking
  • Detailed fee and commitment tracking
  • Drag-and-drop document upload
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Amendment voting and tracking
  • Cross browser and cross device compatibility
  • Back office integration



The DXDocs platform is used for a variety of purposes, including audit and compliance, risk oversight, regulatory compliance, deal management, and other traditional virtual data room applications.

DXDocs integrates secure document sharing with customer relationship management (CRM) and customizable workflow automation functionality, enabling employees and clients to be as productive online as they would be in person.

Some Key Features Include:

  • Easy setup
  • Drag-and-drop document publishing
  • Internal and external document and contact management
  • Integrated CRM
  • Task tracking and message routing
  • Customizable workflow automation tools
  • Advanced security protocols



DXOpen® is a secure, cloud-based platform specifically tailored for secondary loan sales.  The platform enables financial institutions to manage their own loan sales from start-to-finish.

DXOpen integrates secure document sharing with customer relationship management, and functionality specific to secondary market loan sales including multiple online auction formats with individual and linked bidding, and automated bid optimization with bid review and scenario analysis tools.

DXOpen Screenshot